Gallstones Symptoms and How to Treatments

Gallstones Symptoms and Treatments - Bile is a liquid that is in the gallbladder and function in the digestion of fats, when this liquid hardens, and will form gallstones.

Gallstones Symptoms and How to Treatments
Gallstones Symptoms and How to Treatments
There are various kinds of size of gallstones. There is such a large ball pumping and some were as small as a grain of sand. And in people suffering from gallstones also varies, there are stones that have one and nothing more.

The Cause Of Formation Of Gallstones

That cause gallstones are formed due to the cholesterol hardening allegedly buried on the liquid bile. This happens due to an imbalance between Cholesterol and chemical compounds in the liquid.

Gallstones usually does not cause pain, so it does not need special handling, but if gallstones are already clogging the bile duct, then the sufferer will experience symptoms of pain in the right part of the abdomen, or according to a medical term called Biliary colic.

The following are factors that can increase your risk of bile stones exposed :

Age factor. The risk of gallstone disease increases as age. The disease is typically experienced by people over the age of 40 years.
Gender. The risk in women exposed to gallstone disease two times higher than the risk of the man.
The impact of childbirth. Women who once gave birth to will have a higher risk. The cause may be due to increased cholesterol levels due to hormone changes during pregnancy.
The influence of weight. Your risk will increase if experiencing overweight or obesity Treatment Step to tackle Gallstones

The presence of gallstones in the body usually will not interfere with health, but if the cause of the symptoms of pain and has been disrupting health. We recommend consulting your doctor immediately.

Usually handling for gallstones with surgical removal of the gallbladder done, without a gallbladder, the liver will still discharge of bile and aid in the digestion of fats. And the kind that is usually done is key hole surgery or according to a medical term called laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Complications Due To Gallstones

Although very rare, gallstones can cause complications in the body. One of them, namely inflammation gall-bladder (colelitiasis) with symptoms of:

Abdominal pain that is constant.

A high fever.
Jaundice. Acute pancreatitis is one of the dangerous risks when gallstones enter and inhibits pancreatic duct. This can cause inflammation of the pancreas, stomach pain that will continue to grow worse.

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