Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer

Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer - Breast cancer is the most common cancers suffered by women. but the men could also be stricken with breast cancer. but smaller than females. While the treatment is usually done with surgery, and also followed by chemotherapy or radiation.

Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer
Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer


Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Men rarely developing cancer of the breast, only women who are susceptible of developing breast cancer. below are the symptoms of breast cancer: what you should know

- A lump in the breast

Usually this Lump of peanuts and there are under the skin of the breast. If the lump it is pressed then it can were, this means the early symptoms of breast cancer and it's just mild symptoms. But if the lump is not can be shifted and feels hard, then it's been severe. These bumps can also be found on the surface of the armpit.

- The swelling and pain in the Nipple of the breast

You should be wary if your breasts begin to swell or feel pain. But unlike swelling of the breast in women who are pregnant. because of the swelling akiban cancer will be seen not as large between the left and right breast breast.

- Discharge of blood or fluid that strange

Discharge of Fluid from a breast-shaped white blood or pus-colored greenish yellow. usually comes out not too much. However, this can be annoying and also you will feel pain on the surface of the breast, in addition to that you also feel itchy on the nipple of the breast.

- Discoloration

The color of the skin on the breasts will turn red and scaly surfaces like orange peel. will also arise the wound bloated and feels hot. but this usually happens on nursing mothers, but the difference is the skin surface is not rough like orange peel.

-Nipple entered into

Because of the growth of breast cancer cells around the nipple it will cause nipple into, but this rarely happens.

What is Causes Of Breast Cancer ?

The cause of breast cancer is not yet known for certain, but there are some circumstances that are considered as a factor that can increase the risk of the occurrence of breast cancer. However, this does not mean that those who do not have risk factors then it cannot be affected by breast cancer.

Usually at an early stage of breast cancer you don't feel pain and also no signs of breast cancer. but when the tumor had been enlarged, then these symptoms will appear:

-change in breast shape or size

-Wrinkles on the skin of the breast

-Discharge of liquid from the breast, usually in the form of blood

-Swelling or pulling on the nipple.

-Check with your doctor Immediately If you have these symptoms.
The risk factors for breast cancer include :

-Have a family member who is suffering from breast cancer (mother, grandmother, sister)

-The first Menstruation at a young age, late menopause

-Women who do not have children or give birth to their first child at the age of 30 years

-Once the tumour or breast cancer earlier

-Hormone replacement therapy-get the long term

Other factors, such as obesity or high consumption of fat, excess alcohol consumption, a genetic mutation. However, you must remember, that all of these factors are still based on the possibility, because someone who has no risk factors still could be affected by breast cancer. Screening and early detection is the right tool to lower the risk of death caused by breast cancer.

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