Symptoms And How To Prevent High blood pressure ( Hypertension)

Symptoms And How To Prevent High blood pressure ( Hypertension) - High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major cause of heart disease. As many as 75 percent of people with hypertension will lead to heart failure or heart disease called hypertension. The disease is predicted as the biggest killer of mankind in the late 20th century to the present.

Heart Disease Hypertension

Together with hipercholesterol (disruption of fat), diabetes mellitus (diabetes), and smoking, hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and blood vessels. Ironically, not many people are aware of it. They realized heart disease due to hypertension when the heart has been "tired" to work to pump blood with extra pressure.

Symptoms And How To Prevent High blood pressure ( Hypertension)
Symptoms And How To Prevent High blood pressure ( Hypertension)

In this world, there were approximately 1 billion people, or one out of four adults suffers from hypertension. This chronic disease can damage vital organs, namely the eyes, brain, kidneys, and heart, thus requiring no small amount of medical expenses. Unfortunately, the ferocity of hypertension is not accompanied by adequate treatment.

Based on data reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), 50 percent of people with hypertension are known, only 25 percent received treatment. Of that percentage, only 12.5 percent of that received treatment with either (adequately treated cases).

In fact, all the symptoms of heart disease, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or palpitations, can quickly be anticipated if the sufferer first aware of the symptoms of hypertension. Then, what the symptoms of hypertension that resulted in the death of the heart?

Symptoms of Hypertension Heart

If you feel symptoms such as headache, chest pain, heart palpitations, pain in the nape of the neck, fatigue, your eyes feel Blurred, and bleeding (nosebleeds), you need to be vigilant. Those are all symptoms of hypertension leading to heart failure.

Hypertensive heart disease refers to a condition caused by increased blood pressure (hypertension). Hypertension prolonged and uncontrolled can change the structure of myocardial, vascular and cardiac conduction system. High blood pressure can increase the heart's workload, and over time can lead to thickening of the heart muscle. As a result of the heart to pump blood against increased pressure on blood vessels increases, it will have an enlarged left ventricle and the amount of blood pumped each minute the heart is reduced. Hypertension also affect the thickening of blood vessel walls leads to an increase in cholesterol will accumulate on the walls of blood vessels. This will increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Hypertensive heart disease is a major factor of disease and death caused by hypertension.

Based on data from the WHO, only 25% of 50% of hypertensive patients receiving treatment. In fact, all the symptoms of heart disease such as chest pain, shortness of breath, or palpitations can be addressed if the patient early to know.


Causes of headaches suffered by people with hypertensive heart disease is due to constriction or swelling of the blood vessels so that blood flows should be impeded , and oxygen must be delivered to the head is also not up .

Therefore, immediately do the treatment if the headache was accompanied by other symptoms of hypertension. To reduce pain in the head, immediately drink water so that the blood can be immediately neutralized.

Chest pain

When the activities you already do not feel comfortable anymore because of pain in the chest, then you need to be vigilant lest you have hypertension or high blood pressure. Pain in the chest is caused by part of the heart muscle does not receive enough blood supply so painful.

Palpitations heart

In addition to pain in the chest, you have a tendency to develop heart disease hypertension will feel your heart pounding. Palpitation that occur in hypertensive patients more quickly and easily cause fatigue, shortness of breath, and pain.


If you feel very tired, although not do strenuous activity, then you need to be vigilant in case you are suffering from hypertensive heart disease. Fatigue is caused by poor blood supply to the workings of the heart to become weak and blood pumping process was not running as well as it should.


Nosebleed is a mild condition that is caused by erosion and rupture of blood vessels contained in the nasal mucus. With the drying of the mucous membranes, it will be very easy nosebleeds occur due to friction or impact on blood vessels.

Some diseases that affect the nosebleeds are hypertensive heart disease, wound infection of the nasal passages, inflammation of the nose due to allergies, medication use that does not comply with the condition of the body, the consumption of drugs and alcohol, and others.

The Way How  to Avoid the Disease Hypertension

The heart is God's infinite grace. Irreplaceable. If enabled, it takes a very expensive cost for a heart transplant and very difficult to find a suitable donor heart. Therefore, love your heart starts this minute!

Some things you can do to avoid hypertension are as follows.

1. Exercise regularly. With regular exercise, the heart gets used to doing the job with a rhythm that is strong enough to allow the workings of the heart becomes weak.

2. Avoid foods and beverages that may cause a heart attack, such as cigarettes, alcohol, fatty foods and high cholesterol.

3. Keep the body in ideal conditions.

4. Eat vegetables and fruits, and foods that contain omega-3.

5. Drink water in accordance with that recommended by nutritionists, i.e. one liter and a half a day.

6. Consumption of soy milk.

If you already suffer from hypertension, then the first thing to do is immediately go to the doctor or hospital of heart to determine the extent of the disease can be helped so that you can start doing the treatment program.

Additionally, you can also eat a variety of herbal ingredients that have the potential to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, as well as other things that factor into the causes of hypertension.

Several traditional herbs that can be used to treat the disease are to eat fruit juice (none juice), the original honey that does not contain artificial sugar, and juice of mangos teen or mangos teen rind.

Eat as much as once a day until the disease does not come again. However, for the prevention, keep drinking herbal ingredients that although the symptoms of hypertension has not recurred.
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