The Symptoms and Cause of Brain Cancer Disease

The Symptoms and Cause of Brain Cancer Disease - A BRAIN TUMOR is a growth of brain cells in the brain that are unnatural and uncontrolled. But not all brain tumors are malignant, so it can be categorized as cancer. Brain cancer, malignant tumor that is very rapid spread in parts of the brain and spinal cord as well. 

The Symptoms and Cause of Brain Cancer Disease
The Symptoms and Cause of Brain Cancer Disease
A primary brain tumor is a tumor that begins in the brain. Most malignant brain tumors that is a secondary cancer, it means that cancer cells that originated in other organs of the body and spreads to the brain.

Cancer of the brain different from other cancers. Brain cancer can strike anyone, even children of people who have aged. So the causes of brain cancer that is due to the lack of nutrients in the brain and also because of the use of hazardous substances. Like alcohol and addictive substances such as drugs, heroin.

Symptoms Of Brain Cancer

The brain will not normally or not work properly if there are tumors in the brain. Usually the brain will feel headaches and also seizures caused by a tumor.

Here are some other possible tumor symptoms experienced:

· Easy sleepy and often experienced fatigue

· Be difficult to concentrate

· Feel difficulty when walking

· Vomiting

· Difficulty talking

Features Of The Disease Of Brain Cancer

Behavioral change is that is one of the symptoms or signs of disease of brain cancer. However, this change in behavior is different with impaired memory, namely the changing nature in people with brain cancer.

Therefore, if you already know the symptoms and causes of brain cancer you should begin to preserve the health of the brain. To avoid the disease of brain cancer.

How to Maintain brain health Maintaining brain health is not difficult white water, consume at least eight glasses a day is also one way of keeping the brain healthy and eating foods rich in omega like eggs and fish, and stay away from drugs and booze. Exercise regularly and also enough rest
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