Throat Cancer - Symptoms and Causes of Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer - Symptoms and Causes of Throat Cancer
Throat Cancer - Symptoms and Causes of Throat Cancer
Throat Cancer - Symptoms and Causes of Throat Cancer - Throat cancer is because tumors that grows and spread to the throat, around the pharynx, larynx or tonsils. Perhaps the perceived symptoms of esophageal cancer are similar to strep throat, because both cancer of the throat and laryngitis occurs in the same section.

But strep throat is mild and easily cured diseases. While cancer of the throat you have to be careful and treat it immediately before the cancer gets worse.

Meanwhile, if based on the location or the part that is attacked, this cancer can be categorized into several types. Among others are:

• Cancer of the nasopharynx (upper throat behind the nose).

• Cancer of the or pharynx (the middle part of the throat, behind the tongue).

• Cancer hypo pharynx (lower throat).

• Cancer of the larynx (voice box).

So you can avoid the incidence of cancer of the throat, then you should know what the causes and symptoms of this dangerous disease.

Throat cancer also has other names thyroid cancer, and generally develops in the surface of the larynx, mucosa, mouth, and pharynx. The easiest trait to be found which appears lump or nodule in the neck. The symptoms are a symptom that often occurs when a person develops this disease, and also depends on the type of cancer. Although thyroid cancer is fairly rare attack someone, but it would be nice if you also know the early symptoms of throat cancer occurrence and provide proper treatment before it's too late

Symptoms of Throat Cancer

Symptoms of throat cancer can be varied and are not the same in each patient. Some indications are generally perceived by patients include:

• Difficulty swallowing.

• Change the sound.

• Chronic cough.

• Sore throat.

• Ear pain or buzzing.

• A lump that does not go away.

• Weight loss for no apparent reason.

• Swelling of the eyes, jaw, throat, or neck.

If you feel the symptoms mentioned above, soon then you should check to doctor.

Causes and Risk Factors Throat Cancer

All cancers caused by mutations in the cells. A mutation that causes uncontrolled cell growth. That's what happened with throat cancer.

The cause behind the process of mutation is not known with certainty. But there are some factors that could be expected to increase a person's risk for throat cancer, such as age, lifestyle, and medical conditions.

Throat cancer risk increases with age person. This cancer usually occurs in people over the age of 60 years.

The possibility of the emergence of cancer of the throat is also closely linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. Some examples include:

 • Consuming tobacco, either in the form of smoking or chewing.

• Consuming excessive alcohol.

• Lack of eating fruits and vegetables.

In addition, there are certain medical conditions that could be a trigger factor throat cancer. Examples of viral infection with HPV (human papillomavirus) and gastric acid disease or GERD.

Thank you for reading the article entitled Symptoms and Causes Throat Cancer. We recommend that you avoid cancer of the throat began to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do not consume food or drinks that can cause cancer. Moreover, smoking, smoking is one of the causes of the disease.

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