Type , Symptoms and Treatment of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease with characteristic presence of uncontrolled cell growth in the lung tissue. If not treated, the growth of these cells can spread outside of the lung through a process called metastasis into nearby tissue or other parts of the body.

Type , Symptoms  and Treatment of Lung Cancer
Type , Symptoms  and Treatment of Lung Cancer
Most cancers that begin in the lungs, known as primary lung cancer, are carcinomas derived from epithelial cells. The main types of lung cancer that is SCLC (small cell lung cancer), also called grain cell cancer, and NSCLC (lung cancer is non -small-cell). The most common symptom is coughing (including coughing up blood), weight loss and shortness of breath.

The lungs have two main functions, namely the spread of oxygen into the blood when inhaled and disposing of carbon dioxide exhaled. Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that occur. Lung cancer derived from the spread of other cancers is called secondary lung cancer. On this page, the type of cancer that is discussed is the primary lung cancer, which is originated from the lung itself.

Lung cancer is one type of cancer that can be prevented. There are at least 80-90 percent of cases of lung cancer associated with smoking. In the early stages of habit, there are no signs or symptoms of lung cancer are unclear. But then the symptoms such as cough sustainable way to experience coughing up blood, always feeling out of breath, fatigue without any reason, and weight loss will arise.

Type of Lung Cancer

There are two types of primary lung cancer based on the type of cell, namely cell lung cancer (small - cell lung cancer / SCLC) lung cancer and non - small cell (non -small - cell lung cancer / NSCLC). Lung cancer is non - small cell chance four times more common than lung cancer small cell.

Lung cancer, small cell lung (SCLC) usually only affects heavy smokers and spread faster than lung cancer non - small cell (NSCLC).

People at Risk of Lung Cancer

Smoking can be considered as the main cause of lung cancer. People most at risk of developing lung cancer are current smokers. Approximately 80-90 percent of lung cancer associated with smoking. Even so, that does not mean every suffering from lung cancer are smokers. In addition, people who do not smoke also tend to get lung cancer, although lower in number.

Besides cigarettes, some of the causes of lung cancer in addition to inhaling arsenic, radiation, and air pollution. Lung cancer is also more common in people who are elderly.

Treatment of Lung Cancer

Treatment of lung cancer is highly dependent on the type of cancer. The spread of cancer and the patient's health condition also affects the treatment and handling methods are performed. Cancer surgery can be performed if cancer cells have not spread to other parts of the body. If the health condition does not allow for the removal operation, another way to handle that can be applied. The process of destruction of cancer cells with radiotherapy can be implemented.

Lung cancer usually causes no symptoms before the cancer cells spread to large parts of the lungs or other body parts. Healing depends on the spread of cancer and when a diagnosis of cancer is not known. Previous diagnosis is done, the chances for successful treatment also becomes higher.

Lung cancer usually originates from cells inside the lung itself. However, in some cases, there is also a cancer originating from other organs that spread and invade the lungs. Recognize the symptoms of this cancer early are very important to be dealt with quickly.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer usually does not cause signs and symptoms in the early stages. Signs and symptoms of lung cancer only occur when the condition worsens.

Signs and symptoms of lung cancer include:

• cough endless

• Changes chronic cough

• Pain in chest pain and coughing or laughing

• Shortness of breath as asthma

• Bloody sputum

• Often experience recurrent infections, such as pneumonia and bronchitis

• Hoarseness / husky.

• Swollen and sore fingertips

• Weight loss and loss of appetite

• The growth of abnormal chest in men

• Emotional instability, mood swings, lethargy, depression

• Pain in the bones

• Headache

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