What is Cause and How to Avoiding Cervical Cancer ?

The Causes and Ways of Avoiding Cervical Cancer - Data from the WHO, said that every year thousands of women died of the disease caused by cervical cancer, cervical cancer is a type of cankers which ranks top as a disease that can result in the woman's death. All the women are very afraid of the cervical cancer. 

What is Cause and How to Avoiding Cervical Cancer ?
What is Cause and How to Avoiding Cervical Cancer ?
Cervical Cankers attack on female reproductive organs, namely the narrow section under female pubic and among the uterus. Certainly every disease there must be the case, so there is also the cause of cervical cancer:

Cervical Cancer Causes

Human papilloma Virus (HPV) is the cause of cervical cancer. While the cause of many deaths in women is HPV virus types 16 and 18. This virus is very easily moved and spread, not only through the liquid, but also can switch through touch skin. In addition, the use of public baths that have been hit by the virus HPV, can be infected someone use it if not clean it properly.

Life is not a good habit is also one of the causes of disease of cervical cancer affected, such as smoking, lack of intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin e and also the lack of intake of folic acid. Often perform an intimate relationship and often changed their spouse could also be the cause of disease of cervical cancer. Descendants of Cancer is also one of the causes of cervical cancer occur.4womenonly.

Characteristics Of Women Our Suffering From Cervical Cancer

The process of occurrence of cancer of the uterus takes a long time, usually between 10 to 20 years. Because the process of the development of an infection into cancer. And in the early stages of its development you will be hard to figure out this disease.

1. Feels pain during sex and also there are the bleeding characteristics of the cervical cancer disease.

2. Our Suffering from a vaginal discharge that is abnormal and excessive bleeding also.

3. Often feel pain in the hip area

4. When waste water feeling sick (such as Pee)

5. The large number of our blood while menstruating

6. When women experience the advanced stages may experience pain in the thigh or the one experiencing swollen thigh, being greatly reduced appetite, weight loss is not stable, it's difficult to urinate, experiencing spontaneous bleeding.

Prevention Of Cervical Cancer

The women can do some things to prevent cancer, cervical on him, namely by means of:

1. The consumption of enough nutrition and Feeding of nutrients. Also live a healthy life pattern.

2. Always keep your body's health

3. Do not clean the genital parts with clean water.

4. Do not smoke

5. Avoid sex when early childhood

6. Always faithful to your partner, do not partaker let alone followed by an intimate relationship.

7. Have at least done a pap smear check for 2 years, particularly for those who have been actively doing intimate relationships

8. If you've never done an intimate relationship, it is worth doing the HPV vaccination program

9. Many food consumption of vegetable content of beta carotene pretty much, the consumption of vitamins c and e.

However, if you have cervical cancer detected, then there are several ways that you can do to eliminate cervical cancer, by means of surgery, laser surgery, either electricity, or surgery by way of freezing the tissue of cervical cancer (Cyrosurgery).

But this is only if the cervical cancer Early symptoms, whereas if it is severe, it can be done by way of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and if it is very severe, you had to lift the uterus so that the cancer does not become more severe.

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