6 Cause of Coronary Artery Disease You Must to Know

6 Cause of Coronary Artery Disease You Must to Know - Coronary Artery Disease or heart disease also known as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, or ischemic heart disease is a disease that occurs when there is a partial blockage of blood flow to the heart.

This problem can affect the buildup of plaque in the arteries. This is called arteriosclerosis which is a hardening of the arteries. This can lead to blood clots that can cause heart attack or stroke. Hardening of the arteries and blockage of the main artery is one of the leading causes of death. Even in his own heart disease kills more people every year.

6 Cause of Coronary Artery Disease You Must to Know
6 Cause of Coronary Artery Disease You Must to Know

Coronary Artery Disease is a medical condition characterized by narrowing or blockade of the coronary arteries (the arteries that supply blood to the heart). The disease is usually caused by atherosclerosis, a condition caused by the accumulation of cholesterol, calcium and fatty deposits (plaque) on the inner walls of the arteries. Depending on the degree to which an artery is blocked, it can cause complications such as angina, shortness of breath and even myocardial infarction. Coronary artery disease is always developed slowly over decades and the disease is not known to cause heart attacks.

Cause of coronary artery disease ( CAD ) and a brief explanation :

1. Atherosclerosis

Fat , cholesterol , and other substances that can form a sticky substance inside your arteries . This material called plaque . And when plaque builds up in the walls of blood vessels , then it is called atherosclerosis .

When plaque builds up in the coronary arteries , then it causes the arteries to harden and narrow . At the time of already narrow arteries , the blood's ability will be reduced . Useful blood to distribute oxygen and other nutrients to the heart . If you have atherosclerosis , then your heart will not get the amount of blood as it should . Hearts always work and requires a minimum supply of oxygen and nutrients consistently . When your heart is not receiving enough oxygen because of inadequate blood flow due to narrowed arteries , atherosclerotic coronary artery eventually cause heart muscle damage and eventually will die if an adequate supply is not restored .

The researchers believe that the buildup of plaque in the arteries at the beginning of damage to the inner lining of arteries . This damage can be caused by many things , for example :

• Smoking habit

• High blood pressure

• High cholesterol and fat in the blood

• High blood sugar or diabetes or insulin resistance

• Inflammation of blood vessels

• Radiation therapy to the chest

Over time , plaque will stick to the injured area and start making buildup . This buildup can cause the lining of the arteries become inflamed , which can cause scar tissue that thickens the walls of the arteries , and further reduces blood flow . This arterial plaque can rupture , which can lead to the formation of clots , and ultimately lead to a heart attack if the blockage of blood flow to the heart .

2. Seizures in coronary arteries

Coronary artery spasm can occur when the muscles in the arterial wall becomes convulsed while , causing a narrowing of part of the bloodstream . This condition can occur in any artery , not only in people who suffer from atherosclerosis . Narrowing of the arteries suddenly reduces blood flow to the heart and can cause angina (chest pain and pressure ) or heart attack .

Not yet known exactly what causes coronary artery spasm , but generally in people who smoke , have high blood pressure , or high cholesterol . Spasms can occur spontaneously , but some events could trigger a spasm of arteries, because :

• Emotional stress

• Exposure to cold

• Stimulants such as amphetamines

• Drugs that narrows blood vessels or vasoconstrictor .

3. Coronary artery embolism

Embolism is the obstruction of a blood vessel stuck when through the bloodstream and cause blockages .Obstruction typically consists of a blood clot , also because of the air , fat , tumor , or other foreign objects.Obstruction in the coronary arteries can reduce or shut off the flow of blood to the heart muscle , which can cause heart attacks .

4. Surgery

Coronary artery wall consists of three layers . Genesis dissection can occur when one or more of these layers become separated . This separation will allow the blood to accumulate in between the layers . Accumulation of blood between these layers causes the arterial wall / space narrows arteries , thereby restricting blood flow to the heart .

Coronary dissection can also occur due to complications from a medical procedure commonly known as cardiac catheterization . In this procedure , a thin, flexible instrument inserted into the coronary arteries to identify or eliminate the previously existing obstrukci .. spontaneous coronary dissection , a rare cause of coronary artery disease , and most often occurs in women with a condition known fibromuscular dysplasia .

5. Coronary Artery Aneurysm

It is a bulge that occurs in the coronary arteries , which is more common in men than in women - and most often occurs in the right coronary artery . Aneurysms are often caused by atherosclerosis, in which the blood does not flow as usual. The walls of the arteries become narrow due to aneurysm bulge that extends in the arterial wall. When this is combined with sluggish blood flow and irregular - are common in atherosclerosis, the artery can rupture and / or forming an embolus (clots).

6. Vacuities

Vacuities are an inflammation of blood vessels. In many cases, the cause is still not known with certainty. It occurs when the immune system attacks your blood vessels, which is considered as the attackers from the outside. Inflammation of the blood vessels can cause:

• Narrowing of blood vessels

• Blockage of blood vessels

• Rupture of blood vessels

Vacuities are usually a systemic disease, which means it can affect blood vessels throughout your body. This may include the coronary arteries. Inflammation of the coronary arteries reduces blood flow to the heart muscle

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